How to glutes activation while sitting down

Our glutes are a significant muscle group because they help control some movements done by our lower body. They also help to maintain good posture. When our glutes are not working as they should be, it can generate other muscles to start taking on extra load, which may cause problems with our posture, muscle pain, and likely increase our possibilities of injury. At present we are going to discuss how to glutes activation while sitting down.

Symptoms of Inactive Glute muscles:

 The following symptoms may be significative of weakened or inactive gluteal muscles: 
  • A flat or visually weak butt.
  • The excessive forward tilt of the pelvis, resulting in a standing posture with your butt sticking out.
  • The excessive backward tilt of the pelvis, resulting in a standing posture with your tailbone tucked underneath.
  • Lower back pain, hip pain.
  • Joints pain while performing some movements involving the lower body, due to incorrect load carriage as the glutes no longer work to help the motion.
  • Dominant hamstrings.

Easy glute strengthening exercises:

We present some easy glute strengthening exercises that will loosen the harm to your hips and butt caused by sitting. To unlock your hip flexors and glutes activation, you can make these four moves daily.

Chair stands:

This exercise increases the muscles in the abdomen and thighs. To do chair stand exercise, sit on a sturdy chair with your feet flat on the floor. Activate your core muscles and stand up, maintaining your weight on the heels of your feet. Put your back and shoulders straight and bend slightly in front to help compel yourself upward. Squeeze your glutes together to help stabilize your body as you rise. Avoid using your hands, stand up, gain your balance. Slowly lower yourself back down to sitting on the chair seat. Count 8 to 15 times. Rest; then repeat 8 to 15 more times.

Chair Squats:

Chair squats build your glutes, quads, and hamstrings. You can make the same movement as in the chair stands, but rather than sitting back down in the chair, squatting over the chair. This method lessens pressure on your knees and makes it easier to keep your back straight. Sitting back in chair squat is also more useful for burning fat and building muscle. It also strengthens your muscles. You should squeeze your glutes and not allowing your bottom to rest on the chair seat. Do not prolong your knees over your toes as you lower your body toward the chair seat. Your back should keep straight, and your head should stay up throughout the whole exercise. Keep this posture for 5 to 10 seconds before squeezing your glutes together to help you stand straight up.

Glute squeezes:

Your glutes are an essential muscle group used in daily activities. They are involved in any movement that includes hip movement, such as walking, running or squats. A glute squeeze is an exercise that can target this area of your body and proposes many variations to increase the challenge. Sitting in a reclining chair with your feet lengthened in front of you. If you squeeze your glutes, you can notice your legs turn slightly outward. The glutes are the leading external rotation muscles of the hips. Once you are satisfied with this movement, lower your legs and continue to do the glute squeezes. You may also choose to alternate sides, squeeze the right glute then the left. Hold every squeeze for 5 to 10 seconds.

Seated Bridge:

You Sit in the chair with your feet flat on the platform, your back opposite the back of the chair. You press your feet into the ground and push your upper back against the chair. Squeeze your glutes and lift your back and hips off the chair, so your body makes a straight and parallel line from your knees to your shoulders. Hold for 5 seconds, then release.

These exercises can help your glutes activation. If you’ve read this article, you’re well on your way to reactivating those inactive glute muscles. Since we included in this article, it’s simple for the glute muscles to become inactive in most people due to our sedentary lifestyle. With time and practice, you will get it definitely, and your glutes activation will bless you for it! For some essential information and movements, you need to be included in your workout routine. Check out unlock your hip flexors program.

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